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Stream, download free or purchase new or classic music, sermons and presentations full of sound gospel at reduced prices! Find free downloads of great music from various artists and Katy\\Records favorites!

Named after a famous South-side Record Shop in Chicago, Katy\\Records was founded to take modern ministry to a modern world. We work to make quality, portable and immediately useful supportive, biblically sound materials readily available to everyone on the face of the planet.

We believe very strongly that:

-- the individual is a constant engineer of his/her own spiritual outlook.

-- religion and spirituality are not limited to weekly gatherings, but are relevant in every aspect of living.

-- the incessant chipping away at the soul can only be hampered by vigilant, often methodical and unaffected investment in soul strengthening activity.

Q: What is Katy\\Records trying to do?

A: We are trying to take the message to the whole world, now. Life is livable. His way is achievable. No more hesitation, we want to share realLove with the universe, acknowleging no limitation. This is why we offer all we can offer, from every positive source for free or very cheap. This is our mission.

All media/materials are made available on this site for personal use. Copyright is retained by the creators. If someone would like to use any of the media on katyrecords.org for presentations, compilations, to create derivative works, etc., all they need do is contact us to obtain the written permission of the content owners.

Q: Who can participate?

A: Anyone who has access to the internet and who is able to download or stream from websites may enjoy this site. Those who are interested in making media/materials available for sale or distribution through Katy\\Records need only contact us. All media/materials submitted for consideration must be Biblically faithful.

Contact us to share your media, or simply join us on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter to enjoy occasional updates and exclusive offers!

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Interested in Submitting Work?

So you'd like to submit your media for distribution katyrecords.org or for play on KATY, Katy\\Records Radio?

Send the following information, including a sample of your work, to info @ katyrecords. org.

Your Name
Contact Information
Date of Release/Production
Your website or Information page, if any
How/Where others may purchase/order your work
A sample of your work

Please state clearly if you are submitting the work for possible play on KATY, Katy\\Records radio, or for the general Katy\\Records library. We will contact you as soon as possible following receipt of your sample.

Before you submit your materials, please be certain that you have distribution rights and the authority to grant Katy\\Records distribution permissions.

Acceptible submissions include:

...et cetera.

God bless and thank you for your commitment to the Gospel ministry.