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The Katy\\Records website is being completely refreshed. As you may know, the website has been offline for several months revving up for the new reveal. Get excited about it!

Top Stories

  • Pray. Go. Teach.
    New Seminars, Studies and Children's Courses!

    In the coming weeks, Katy\\Records will publish inspiring new seminars, motivating studies and courses designed specifically for children. Get ready for Betty Bumblebee, The Seven Churches, Practical Practices of Christianity & more!
  • Elias
    Elias releases long-awaited EP!

    Elias is our newest Holy Spirit led talent, comprised of Heather Willis-Dixon, Kwaun Dukes-Reese, Keisha Dukes and Rebekah Willis. If you haven't heard them, yet, have a listen here.
  • Support The Ministry
    Help keep KATY, Katy\\Records Radio on the air.

    Has God impressed you to donate to help keep this ministry growing and going strong? Are you looking for a way to help more people access the tools of ministry or learn more about what the Bible says? Please consider giving to Katy\\Records. 100% of your donation will go back into the practical costs of running KATY and publishing the Katy\\Records website resources.

Additional Resources

Elias is on YouTube - Elias Sisters

Rebekah Willis is on Pandora, Amazon, iTunes & more!