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Common Intercession  Common Intercession

Take the opportunity most people don't even realize is passing them by. Learn to pray for strangers and in situations you may never have considered conducive to effective intercession. In this presentation, Common Intercession is defined, while teaching us how and why we all should get involved!

Use the activity sheets before, during or after your teaching.

Destiny & Prayer  Destiny & Prayer

What is our candid opinion on prayer? How does it impact our understanding of God? Does prayer or should prayer reflect our way of thinking?

In this presentation, you and your audience will have an opportunity to reexamine the fundamentals of Christian interaction and trustworthy spiritual growth.

Security Clearance : God's ID  Security Clearance, or God's ID: The 7th-Day Sabbath 

Explore what makes the specific seventh-day Sabbath different than the random rest days of popular spiritual language. What is Sabbath? When did it first appear in Earth's history? If it is still relevant, what is it's purpose?

Originally presented at the women's supplemental seminars, Men's Ministry, March 2010, Chicago, Illinois.

Seeking the Kingdom  Seeking the Kingdom

Have you ever heard of the Prosperity Gospel? Well, this is about the Gospel of Prosperity! Use this presentation to delve deeper into the prayer life and method of some of the most prosperous individuals chronicled in the Bible.

Originally presented at the Prayer Conference, Benton Harbor, MI 2012.

Unlock Revelation (21 videos|playlist)

Discover the true meaning of Revelation's mysterious symbols. Find clear answers to questions such as:
 - What does the Bible say about the end of the world?
 - If God is good, why is there pain & suffering?
 - Does the USA play a role in Bible prophecy?
 - Who is the antichrist and what is the mark of the beast?
 - How can I find peace?
 - Is heaven real? Is hell real? If so, what would they be like?
 - What is the turth about the rapture?

Originally presented as a seminar in Michigan, March-April 2016.